Fire Station #3 New Roof

  • Location

    Corpus Christi

  • Services

    Job Order Contracting (JOC)

  • Project Description

    The Project consist of replacement of 30,800 Bd Ft of existing roofing system with new SBS modified bitumen asphalt roofing system. Including roof membranes system, granulated flashing roof vents, replacement of skylights and curbs, gutters and down spouts, and roofing related components and assemblies.

  • Client

    City of Corpus Christi – JOC Capital Programs

  • Cost


Contracted Construction Inspectors (Contract Inspectors) will work directly under the supervision of City’s Construction Services Department in providing Quality Assurance services and to assist in expediting the contractor’s progress by minimizing conflicts and conflict resolution, identifying change order potential, detailing deficient work and repairs and other support related services.  Contract Inspectors should be available to start immediately upon award of contract. Contract Inspectors will be required to keep detailed daily inspection reports on provided City forms. Requirements will include producing and organizing the following documentation:

  • Construction Contractor Progress including installed and completed work, construction crew and equipment available on site, and contract specific conversations held on site concerning construction issues.
  • Daily and Weekly construction photos including proper labeling/filing of same;
  • Testing lab results with immediate alerts to City Staff of failures.
  • Rain days, lost time due to heavy rains, completion of monthly time statements.
  • Project coordination meetings (conducted by Inspector).
  • Any site related activity which may impact future I past progress or activity which may significantly impact the construction quality.

Some of the required tasks may include the following:

  • Review of all contract documents, Specifications, Plans, Drawings, Addendums and other project-related reports.
  • Schedule and coordinate the location and frequency of required tests per the specifications with the City’s approved materials testing lab.
  • Work closely with City Department personnel in coordination of construction related activities.
  • Attend project and coordination meetings.
  • Review construction contractor Payment Requests, including coordination and acceptance of quantities.
  • Review and coordinate all approved change orders, field orders and changes.
  • Communicate with local businesses and residents including meeting with and documenting any citizen or business related concerns or requests.

The Contract Inspector will be responsible for providing any and all resources necessary to accomplish this Scope of Work including personal protective equipment (PPE), computers, cell phones and local transportation. All costs associated with accomplishing this should be imbedded within the proposed rate.