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Eric Vidal -

Quality Assurance Inspector

TxDOT Right of Way

Joined AG|CM in 2017.

Professional Experience
Eric has 18 years of experience in quality control testing and quality assurance inspection with emphasis in the following areas: soil compaction and stabilization testing and inspection, concrete and asphalt testing and inspection, drilled pier observation, precast pipe inspection, density testing, sampling of asphalt, concrete, soils, and fill materials, special inspections for foundation reinforcing, wood framing, concrete structures, post-tensioning and bolt connections. He has also performed various field, laboratory and office engineering studies of construction materials. Eric has undergone extensive post-collegiate industry training including Troxler Nuclear Radiation Safety Class, US DOT Hazmat Certification, Asphalt Level 1B Roadway Specialist, NICET Asphalt Level 1, ACI Field Concrete Testing Technician I, TxDOT Roadway and Bridge Inspections, SAWS Class C Wastewater Management and OSHA 10 Hour training.

Mr. Vidal is responsible to perform quality assurance services on TxDOT and other public and private right-of-way construction, including but not limited to highway, collector and arterial roads and streets and associated earthwork, utilities, drainage, traffic signaling and signage, traffic controls, site controls, profiles, sections and markings. His primary objectives are 1) defect prevention, 2) defect detection by a) visual inspection and b) special inspection and testing results reported by quality control professionals and technicians and 3) to assure construction conforms to the construction documents. Additionally, he is often tasked with select Construction Management duties such as validating Contractor Pay Applications, coordinating Requests for Information between Contractors and the Engineers of Record, evaluating Change Orders and serving as liaison to residents and business owners affected by construction on behalf of public entities.