Cortlandt Turner-Holbein

Assistant Construction Manager

Joined AG|CM in 2018.

Professional Experience
Cortlandt is a South Texas native (Corpus Christi area). He is comfortable with all levels of management and peers, including multi-departmental activities. He is a problem solver in a team environment and as a sole contributor. He is able to assume a leadership role when necessary and performs well in a structured environment. Turner-Holbein grew up in construction with his father being a senior project manager and often helped with the many home renovation projects that his father undertook. He was often tasked with building something for his mother without much of a description or design to go off of. These experiences helped shape his love for construction and understanding of the time and effort required to achieve the desired outcome.

As Assistant Construction Manager (ACM), Mr. Turner-Holbein assists Project and Construction Managers in project coordination and documentation, observation of field execution and management of project controls.